This park attracts the travellers with giant fountain built in as a mark of freedom fighters remembrance. Indra Bhavan temple is one of the most visited place in this sanctuary plan.
Location: Placed near Ballia city at a distance of 160 kilometres from Varanasi.
Specification: Covered by an area of 34.32 square kilometres under Kashi Wildlife Division.
Introduction: The Lake was transformed into sanctuary and was declared as a bird sanctuary in 1991 where fishing is the occupation of localities around the sanctuary. The sanctuary is attracted by giant fountain built in the remembrance of freedom fighters accomplished by Late Prime Minister Mr. Chandrasekhar. Winter season is inhabited by migratory birds from Siberia and other polar regions.

Flora and Fauna: The sanctuary is surrounded by agricultural fields and the lake is bounded by Eichhornia crassipes weed. Water birds include Anatidae, Jacanidae, Phalacrocoracidae, Ardeidae, and Sarus crane.
Best time to visit: October to March is the ideal time to explore this sanctuary. Ballia Bhrigu Mandir, Ballia Baleswar Temple, Buxar Fort, Chitragupta Mandir, Suraha Tal, Indra Bhavan Temple, Khoripakar Mandir, Gurwan are some of the places to visit around this sanctuary.
Accommodation: Hotel Buddha, Prince Guest House, Hotel Shree Nandan, India Guest House, Aryan Hotel, Hotel Clarks, Ramada Plaza, Nadesar Palace, Vivant by Taj Gomti Nagar, Radisson Blu Hotel is some of the hotels to accommodate around Suraha Tal Sanctuary.
Arrival Information:
By Air: Nearest airport is placed at a distance of 179 kilometres in Babatpur Airport, Varanasi.
By Rail: Ballia has the nearest railway head.
By Road: Nearest bus stand is placed at a distance of 17 kilometres in Ballia which is interconnected to Varanasi and major cities of India.


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