This sanctuary is covered by 2 water bodies of conserving Sarus which cover rain fed lakes and villagers farm agricultural lands who stay near by the sanctuary.
Location: Placed near Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh.
Specification: Covered by an area of 1084 hectares.
Introduction: The sanctuary is known for water birds that consider Parvati Aranga as a prominent site for conserving Sarus in India. It was established in the year 1997 and featured by two water bodies which are natural rain fed lakes in the proximity of agricultural lands of nearby villages.

Flora and Fauna: Wild Cannabis and fresh water swamps can be seen in the water bodies of the sanctuary. Water birds include Sarus Crane, Juveniles, Ducks, and Waders.
Best time to visit: October to March is the best time to explore Parvati Aranga Sanctuary.
Accommodation: Roxy Deluxe, Hotel Ravisha Continental, Hotel River Palace, Swayambhu Peace Zone Hotel, Ginger Pantnagar, Makhan Bhog are some of the hotels to accommodate around the sanctuary.
Arrival Information:
By Air: Amausi is the nearest airport to Gonda district.
By Rail: Gonda is well connected to major cities through railway head in Gonda Junction.
By Road: Gonada is well connected through roadway that interconnects major cities.


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