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Wildlife Sanctuaries in India- State wise List

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Vijai Sagar Sanctuary:

About: This park is offering shelter for various migrating birds and swimming is the best recreation in this sanctuary. Location: Placed in Mahoba district...

Saman Sanctuary

About: It is known for exploring wide range of birds by the touristswhich migrate from different parts of the India. Interestingly, safari is available...

Suraha Tal Sanctuary:

About: This park attracts the travellers with giant fountain built in as a mark of freedom fighters remembrance. Indra Bhavan temple is one of...

Parvati Aranga Sanctuary

About: This sanctuary is covered by 2 water bodies of conserving Sarus which cover rain fed lakes and villagers farm agricultural lands who stay...

Sur Sarovar Sanctuary:

About: This park is best known as Keetham Lake along with water reservoir which has been developed by British during Summer. Location: Is placed...

Okhla Sanctuary

About: This park is located in Noida which compose various species of birds which are migrated from River Yamuna due to its Polluted water. Location:...

Patna Bird Sanctuary:

About: This park is filled with birds and animal varieties provided with Safari to visit the 200 species of birds as per research. These include...

Sohagi Barwa Sanctuary

About: This sanctuary consists of 7 parts out of which 3 grasslands are hot priority. Presence of Geese and Ducks during winter. Location: Placed...